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How many section and categorys?
« on: May 27, 2019, 05:57:10 pm »
Hi guys, I'm having a dilemma for about how many sections and category we should have?

If you guys could give me any suggestions on that, then it would be awesome!

I hope to keep it as simple as only to have about 10 sections.

I also have a dilemma on what our community should be known by?
I have been thinking of some names and I hope you guys could give me your thoughts on them as well and if you have thought of some names and suggestion, let me know?

1. Wu Xia Community or Society
2. Tian Ming Xia
3. Wu Ming Xia
4. Wu Xia Nation
5. Qin Ming Xia
6. Wu Xia Village
7. World of Jian Xia   meaning Would of Sword Men Heroes
8. Mythical Heroes
9. Wu Xia Mountain
10. Yin Yang Xia

If you guys have any better name to come up with then I'm hoping you will tell the whole community about it as I hope we can build the best community possible.

Let's be great?  :D

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Re: How many section and categorys?
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2019, 07:01:08 pm »
For more sections and categories, I think we should add one called "Donghua (Chinese animation)" since you have one for "Wuxia Drama Series". I don't know if you've seen any Donghua series, but this is just a suggestion. You mentioned Qin's Moon before and there are plenty of other wuxia genres in Donghua series. People will have enough to talk about in this section. I think.

Maybe even one section for "Chinese Video Games" but we don't have to add this one... It's already hard to play any of them because not many come to the west. Although, people do upload playthroughs on YouTube and such. This is simply another suggestion. (I love the Chinese Paladin video games so much because their OSTs are one of my favorites.)

Oh, now that I mentioned OST (meaning original soundtracks), maybe a section for "Music"? xD That's probably too much? But still, there are some good wuxia music and songs out there.

As for the name of this community, "Wu Xia Village" or "Wuxia Village" strikes me the most! I really like that name! That'll be my vote. But don't worry, I'll go with whatever everyone likes most. ^.^